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Cat Scratch Guards™ are high quality, extremely clear and flexible vinyl panels that attach to upholstered furniture with specialized pins to provide long lasting protection from cat damage.      


                                  Two 11 x 4.5 inch                                    Two 7 x 4.5 inch                                    Two 18 x 4.5 inch 
                                            $11.95                                                       $10.45                                                       $12.95



     The required pins are included with each package.
      The pins 
can also be easily removed and will not harm fabrics.



                                                                   Cat Scratch Guard Installation


Product Comparison

  • "Sticky Paws" may work but should be "Replaced every 10 days for optimal effectiveness" as it recommends on the package  
  • Claw covers or "Soft Paws" work great but need to be replaced whenever they fall off
  • "Fresh Kitty Furniture Protectors" don't stick for very long  
  • Spray scent fades
  • Scratching posts are ineffective, ugly and expensive

      Other Recommendations 

  •      Aluminum foil is unattractive
  • Alarms are disruptive
  • Guarding with squirt guns 24/7 isn't very realistic
  • A firm "NO" doesn't work
  • Declawing isn't an option   



Packaging and Vinyl is manufactured in the USA
Assembled and shipped from Denver, Colorado

      Cats scratch furniture because of it's sturdy wood frame, which makes the corners a perfect scratching post for cats.  



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