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This cat scratch guard does work to keep our Mitsy from scratching the couch. She has tried valiently to get under it. It of course works only where attached and Mitsy is resourceful. We did the front corners of our couch and may need another to protect the back corners.


I have an 8 year old cat who is a CHRONIC scratcher. I put this item on the corners of my new furniture (which she was started tearing the day it arrived), and NO MORE SCRATCHING! My cat totally shredded the corners of my previous living room set, but I don't have to worry about this any longer!!!


These cat scratch guards really work. The holes are prepunched for attaching them to the furniture, and the upholstery pins are included. I think they are a bit overpriced but still glad I got them.


Wonderful.  They look great on the furniture.  We have furniture all around the office and our office cat thinks it is his personal  play ground.  We tried the sticky strips but I did not like the way they looked. So I researched and came across your product. Thank you so much.  They are very effective.


This is the perfect way to protect the corners! We actually got thick plastic sheeting to cover the back but took it off because it was just tacky, but these did the trick. So far, none of the kitties have even tried to use the couch as a scratching post! The little thumb tack-like things are like screws and easily go in the fabric and stays.


The ONLY thing that has worked after recovering our favorite chairs three times!!!
I understand the price may be a little high, but a deal when compared to the cost of a new chair or having one reupholstered. Thank you, Scratch Guard. Also got my cats the mother of all scratching posts (Purrfect Post). They love it but were still attracted to the chairs at times. I now have every corner of the chairs and ottoman protected. Success at last.


This is a good item if you have a cat that gives up easily. I have two cats; both used to scratch on the corners of my couch. The scratch guards deterred one cat, but my other cat now just scratches around the guard.


I almost forgot I even got these because I haven't had to case my cat off the corners of the couch. You can't really tell they are there and the cat hates them. I bought these along with a cat scratcher and spray cat nip. It solved my problem!


These scratch guard furniture protectors were exactly what I was looking for. They were easy to put on, blend in well with the furniture, and really prevent my cats from scratching the corners of my couch and chair!! Well worth the money.


Fast shipment. Received yesterday,installed today. NOW we will see !!!! Cat already investigated but has not yet scratched.   Thanks for your fast service.


I love my cat, but she was really close to getting declawed when I discovered this product. I bought enough to cover all corners of both my couch and loveseat. She's been forced to use the scratching posts I've bought and we get a long much better now.


I had to make a return and my account was credited the day after they recieved the product.  I was planning on at least a month!  Very happy


Works great on my new wingchair. Cats have stopped using the chair corners as scratching posts. Best of all, these clear plastic protectors allow you to still see the upholstery. While the protectors are visible, they are not so obvious that they distract from the look of the chair. I will definitely purchase again if/when I buy new furniture!


I finally got one of our 6 cats to stop tearing up the couches. Wish I'd know about these a while back. Not cheap, but cheaper than re-upholstering the couches.


We had a real problem with our cats scratching the corners of our new recliners. Since putting these on our sofa, they no longer scratch! The nails are cleverly designed to push easily into the sofa material and they really do stay put! Plus, the guards are transparent so the colors of our sofa still come through! We're happy with this purchase.


Nice quality guards and pins that don't damage my furniture.


I bought this chair for my mom on Mother's Day 4 years before she passed away, and although I have the very best behaved kitties in the world, they fell in love with this chair's fabric for a scratching post. My other kitties, were careful, and wouldn't do it all the time, but after their passing, this new kitty, a bit older and non-trainable, was beginning to get to the stuffing.
Well, This Product Saved this Chair. Thank you So Much! I can rave about this product all day long but you need to buy it to see for yourself.


This does exactly what it promises - stops the cat from scratching the corners of the sofa. It doesn't look all that great and the screws are quite large but it looks a lot better than ripped up sofas! I found that 1 wasn't wide enough to cover 1 corner so have put two on each but otherwise it's great and good value for money.


All other remedies to stop the cats from mangling our new couch did not work until we discovered these. I only wish I could get my money back for are the useless sprays & tapes we tried before discovering these! Not sure how they they would look on a leather couch, but on our chenille one - they look fine and work great.


We love our cats but they just keep scratching at our furniture, making them not so lovable at times. We put these on the corners where they usually like to scratch and it stopped them, it works great!!! Now they scratch their scratching post or the carpet which is perfectly fine. They are very clear so you don't really notice them on the furniture. They are also easy to install and the vinyl is soft so it bends around corners with no problem. I am so happy that I found this product and I will be recommending it to friends.


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